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We have made the following form to help quickly and efficiently collect the information our lighting product managers need to quote you on your track lighting system. We offer a free service that provides a quote based on the information you submitted and a paid service where our lighting product managers analyze the information you submitted to help ensure you have the correct components and layout for a complete and successful track lighting system.

Step 1 - Application

Step 2 - Color

Step 3 - Track Light Fixtures

Step 4 - Track Suspension

  • If your track lighting system will be on a slope ceiling or needs to be suspended check the box below and additional options will be revealed.

Step 5 - Track Layout "How To"

  • To continue with your custom track lighting system we will now need to know what your layout will look like. Below is a video that will help you create your very own track lighting layout and provide us the initial information to begin designing your new track lighting system. Once you have completed this step move on to the next step below.

Step 6 - Track Layout Image

  • Now that you have drawn up your track lighting system layout you are ready to submit it to our track lighting department.

    There are a few ways you can digitize your layout for upload below.

    1. Take a well lit, in focus and complete detail picture with your mobile device and upload it below.
    2. You can scan your layout into your computer and click the button below and upload it.

  • You can use a photo of your layout from your mobile device.

  • This is a required step in order to complete your quote quickly and accurately.

Step 7 - Your Contact Info

  • Our Commercial Priority Service is an optional $150 service that brings great value to your track lighting project by reducing timely compatibility mistakes, track layout oversights and costly lighting errors. Priority Service includes, 1/2-hour of one on one communication with our chief product manager who has over 30-years of track lighting experience. He will personally overlook your submitted track lighting layout and design, providing you with insights, adjustments and the necessary track lighting components to help make your track lighting project a success.

  • Lastly we will need to stay in contact with you during the design process. Please fill out the form below with accurate and up to date information. Double check to make sure your phone number and email address are correct. If we can't get hold of you it will significantly delay the design process and increase the time to finish your project.

    We look forward to working with you on your project :D

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