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PAR30 WHITE gimbal ring track light fixture head

Gimbal PAR30 track light fixture in White is an adjustable and lightweight line voltage track lighting fixture providing greater flexibility in positioning the track head in a track lighting system. Use our PAR30 LED bulb for superior light and energy savings.

Designer's Note

Balanced for our suspended track lighting system. Part of our popular gimbal ring line voltage track lighting offering. Always a good design choice for larger rooms. we use these in retail stores, furniture stores, (see our blog) and anywhere where you need a lot of light. The many choices for bulbs in this fixture size will allow you to get the lighting design you need. Use only a short neck PAR 30, the long neck will not work correctly.
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The ageless style of our track fixture gimbal ring series explains its popularity. This simple fixture group allows for hundreds of possible combinations, color temperatures, color rendering abilities, lamp brands, beam spreads, and types. This fixture will hold a PAR30 bulb only, but there are almost limitless choices in a PAR30. Use our other gimbal ring fixture sizes depending on the ceiling height and the intensity you need. This is the middle size fixture of the group. We like the back loading as it holds the bulb by its rim making the fixture a good safe fixture for the heavier LED bulbs while keeping it in balance for our suspended track lighting systems. We have sold well over a hundred thousand of the gimbal ring track fixture family in black, white and satin nickel. See below on how we can help with your project.

Track lighting gives you the versatility to create bright, exciting, and dramatically displayed lighting environments. It is always the choice for retail lighting or anywhere directional, controlled lighting is required. You will find track lighting in almost every retail store, gallery, museum, and even office lobbies. It is all about versatility, expandability, and ease of use. Our track light fixtures are part of our extensive and complete track lighting system. We offer almost every part you need no matter the complexity of your project. Our "Build a Kit" feature allows you to load a shopping cart if you already know what you need. (Please see the link below.) If you have a larger project, we offer the "7 Fast and Easy Steps" link to start working with our designers to get you a layout and list of materials going. Both of these links, as well as other helpful track installation links can be found below. They will make you an expert!

For commercial projects our designers can work with you and your contractor so you get exactly what you need, get it there quick, and get it installed without any drama. And, we know how to keep costs down, get the best look for your project, and keep versatility in mind. We consider the beam spread, distance from the wall, ceiling height and needs of the space. Our track lighting systems offer both interchangeable LED bulbs as well as integrated LED. These fixtures can be used on many of the systems from Home Depot, Lowes, Wac lighting and most any H-style track. If this is for an existing system, send us a photo of the connector on your current light fixture. Simply take it out of the track and take a photo with your camera phone. Technology makes it so easy. The "Know Your Track Lighting Style" Link is above. Keep on budget, get all the parts you need, and get the job done on time with us.

This fixture has a adjustable pin on the bottom to allow use in our single circuit H-style track as well as our Dual circuit track lighting system. Only the pin needs to be adjusted up our down depending on the H-style power track you have.

Additional Information
Color Architectural Matte White
Track Type 3-Wire
Track Style H-Style
Application Track Lighting System for home, gallery, jewelry and office spaces
Cross Reference Number ET213-WH, ET213, ET213WH, TRH1008BL, HT-242W, 203, STK213, CTHL8, Hampton Bay EC934WH, 100163637, 374275
Compatible with: Cooper, Halo
Dimmable Yes
Circuits Single or Dual
Bulb Included No
Material Plastic, Steel
Max Watts 75
Voltage Type Line Voltage (120Volt)
Input Voltage 120VAC
Diameter (in) 4-5/8"
Length (L) 4"
Max Extension (M) 8-3/4"
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PAR30 WHITE gimbal ring track light fixture head
Gimbal PAR30 track light fixture in White is an adjustable and lightweight line voltage track lighting fixture providing greater flexibility in positioning the track head in a track lighting system. Use our PAR30 LED bulb for superior light and energy savings.