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LED track lighting 40watt wall wash BLACK track light fixture 3-wire H-style dimmable

# TLSK-LED362-3000L-40K-80VWFL-ABK

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LED wall wash track light fixture in Architectural Black, 40watt for your home, gallery, residential, commercial or office H-style track lighting installation.

Designer's Note

Mid size LED wall wash track fixture in 4000K crisp white light, will light floor to ceiling and can be used where the track is close to the wall. Balanced for use with the suspension system
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We waited years for this fixture to be made in an LED. The old ones were fluorescent and before that they were Halogen. This special fixture is made to light up the entire wall from floor to ceiling or give general lighting to a large area. At 4' from the wall expect to light an area 8' high to almost 8' wide. Even if your track is somewhat close to the wall you will get a very wide spread of flat bright crisp light. The fixture is 4000K so it is more towards the cool white end of the spectrum than a standard lower color temperature fixture. The 4000K is common in retail, poster shops and general lighting in retail. With three sizes and powers to chose from, these are perfect tools to compliment your track lighting design and make your project flexible and stunning. Works with all the H-style track systems such as Wac H-style track, Hampton Bay, Home Depot track lighting and many others. Professional name brand architect grade finish and construction, never found for sale at lower end track lighting suppliers.

High color rendering of 90 CRI and guaranteed color consistency within a 2 step MacAdams Ellipse. Guaranteed lumen maintenance of 70% at 50,000 hrs and tested to LM-79 and LM-80 standards by an independent laboratory. Track heads available in a variety of delivered lumen options based on series: 1600L.
Multiple dimming options available, with smooth dimming down to 10% of full light Our LED drivers are rated for 60Hz at 120 volt input and produce less than 20% THD, and a power factor between 90% and 100%
Five years limited warranty and a minimum 50,000hours performance at L70.
All tracks are design using a proprietary cool LED Advanced Thermodynamic Design. Heat management systems are engineered for extremely long life and service period.
Electronic constant current LED driver compatible with TRIAC (forward-phase or leading-edge) and input 120volt. Protections : output open load, over-current and short-circuit (hiccup), and over-temperature with auto recovery.
Tracks are shipped standard to be compatible with 1 Circuit and 2 Circuit type H track. It is also available for 2 Circuit 2 Neutral 120 volt Track.
Track heads are adjustable up to 360° horizontally and 180° vertically Track heads use a friction-based movement system that allows you to adjust and re-adjust track head positioning to deliver light where your need it most. Once the angles have been set each track light will stay in place until re-adjusted for the next display.

For commercial projects our designers can work with you and your contractor so you get exactly what you need, get it there quick, and get it installed without any drama. And, we know how to keep costs down, get the best look for your project, and keep versatility in mind. We consider the beam spread, distance from the wall, ceiling height and needs of the space. Our track lighting systems offer both interchangeable LED bulbs as well as integrated LED. These fixtures can be used on many of the systems from Home Depot, Lowes, Wac lighting and most any H-style track. If this is for an existing system send us a photo of the connector on your current light fixture. Simply take it out of the track and take a photo with your camera phone. Technology makes it so easy. If you have Juno and Lightolier track lighting we offer track lights with adaptors for all three track systems. The "Know Your Track Lighting Style" Link is above. Keep on budget, get all the parts you need, and get the job done on time with us.

Additional Information
Color Architectural Matte Black
Warranty 90 Days
Track Type 3-Wire
Track Style H-Style
Cross Reference Number ET-LED-362, ET-LED-362-3000L-DIMTR-120-40K-80-VWFL-ABK
Compatible with: Cooper, Glomar, Halo, Hampton Bay
Dimmable Yes
Circuits Single or Dual
Bulb Included Yes
UPC 848070062845
Beam Spread Wide Flood
Lumens 3000
Bulb Emit Color Natural White
Color Temperature ( K ) 4000
Color Render Index (CRI) 90
Bulb Wattage 40
Input Voltage 120VAC
Height (H) 2.125"
Width (W) 2.90"
Length (L) 19"
Max Extension (M) 3.10"
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LED track lighting 40watt wall wash BLACK track light fixture 3-wire H-style dimmable
LED wall wash track light fixture in Architectural Black, 40watt for your home, gallery, residential, commercial or office H-style track lighting installation.