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  • New Art Gallery in Sausalito California Lit Fast

    Robert Bengtson’s new gallery in Sausalito, California is a “don't miss” when visiting the area. All of us at are thrilled at being invited to assist with the lighting plan. Robert contacted us using our “7 Easy Steps to Track Lighting Design,” included a simple but complete drawing based on our short instructional video, and we put together a materials list and made some recommendations.

    The real credit, however, goes to Robert. His organizational skills and vision, paired with his excellent communication enabled us to provide just the right lighting components. He then transformed our products and recommendations into a simple, inexpensive track lighting system that works perfectly in his space.

    Lighting a gallery is the perfect application for track lighting. With track lighting, you can choose the color temperature, beam spread and brightness. You can use one or more fixtures to illuminate the art and other elements in the space just the way you want. Your gallery is not static, and track lighting allows you to “paint with light” and control both the light and shadows to make your space welcoming, interesting and attractive every time you make a change to the presentation.

    As you can see by Robert’s photos below, he takes the entire space into consideration, making the art the center of attention, both inside and out. We are grateful for Robert allowing us to be involved in this extremely successful project.

    If you want know more about The Art of Detail and the work of Robert Bengston and other fabulous artists, you can visit his website at Better yet, visit in person at The Art of Detail, 308 Princess Court, Sausalito, CA 94965.

    If you have a track lighting project and would like to work with an experienced company that has done track lighting all day, every day, since 2008, we hope to be on top of your list. Start right here. We usually have the quote done the same day. We look forward to working with you!

    Here are some photos of Robert’s space:

    Art Gallery Storefront Art Gallery Art Hanging on Wall

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