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  • Suspending Satin Nickel Track Lighting Project

    At Total Track Lighting, we work on track lighting suspension systems every day. Our projects include single circuit track lighting and double circuit track lighting available in black, white and satin nickel. We currently have a project underway and wanted to share it with you. While we are still in the process of finishing this project, it is a great illustration of the type of designs we do on a regular basis.

    On this project, the client wanted to supply black wire from the track up to the ceiling. When you have a ceiling that is dark or black, black wire is a good choice. You will see from the photos here that the white wire, when straightened up, will actually look best on projects with a white ceiling and walls.

    Track Suspension Black Power Cable & Canopy Installation using Black Power Cable & Electrical Canopy Cover
    Track Suspension White Power Cable & Canopy Installation using White Power Cable & Electrical Canopy Cover

    We wanted to share this project in process so you can see just one of the many details we focus on when assisting our clients. We are always trying to get the best look, the easiest installation and outstanding lighting for your project. Our 7 Fast and Easy Steps is the best way to get started. You can also take a look at our Resource Page on suspending track lighting and our gallery of projects. We do everything we can to bring your project in on time and within budget. We have the most complete inventory for hanging track in the world and have been doing it for over 30 years!

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  • A Challenging Suspended Track Lighting Project

    Our customer came to us with a unique project. The client is an artist that does all his work on the floor. The lighting had to be great in the daytime as well as night. As you can see from the photo, he had both a flat and slope ceiling in the same space as well as six large skylights with motorized shades in them to reduce and control the natural light. The electrician installed the system, added holes in the track so he could support it properly when he moved the suspension points over to avoid the skylights. In the future, when the client is ready he/she will install the track fixtures. Installing fixtures is easy and fast and we always recommend this video if you are inexperienced.

    When doing this type of project we suggest that you plan carefully and use a laser to line up the holes in the ceiling to get your cables straight. If have a cable that is off here and there, simply drill a new hold in the track so you can move the track support and leave the cable where it connects to the celling so you do not have to come back to patch and paint.

    We have thousands of systems all over the world using our suspension system. No matter the ceiling type or height we can get the parts to make it work and look great!

    Questions? Please connect with us.

    Track Suspension Track LightingTrack Suspension Track Lighting Example


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